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How to Choose Right Sediment Filter Cartridge at Right Price?
Published by BESTPURE March 29,2021

Sediment appears mostly in unfiltered water. Popular sediment filter cartridges on the market are PP melt blown filter cartridge, Inline carbon filter, Pleated water filter and String wound sediment filters.

Sediment filtration usually seen by using a Reverse Osmosis filter system, Whole house filtration system, Under sink water filter or Countertop filter system. Sediment filter cartridge varies when being installed on the 4 above water filter systems.

PP Sediment Filter Cartridge

PP Melt Blown Sediment Filter Cartridge

Polypropylene is one of the inexpensive water filter materials on the market at now. It filters water sediment effectively with the help of soft filtration efficacy of PP cotton. As the most common sediment filter cartridge, PP filter cartridge is total non-toxic and harmless to human body and the particles in PP filters are absolute odorless. Odor-free makes it highly suitable for water filter systems for drinking water or tap water directly. Also PP cotton is a very affordable sediment filter cartridge with well cost performance for most standard RO drink water filtration system and countertop water filters. When it used with CTO and GAC carbon filters, the 3 filters called pre sediment filters of RO system together.


Inline Carbon Filter

This water filter cartridge directly installed as a part of water supply pipe which is easy and convenient. Reverse Osmosis water filter system use it very commonly to produce purified drinking water filter. When it used as a sediment filter cartridge, various of filter medias allowed to be put inside of inline filters like PP melt blown filter, activated carbon both in block or granule, Resin, Mineralization Ball, KDF and so on. Inline sediment filter cartridge works widely for domestic, commercial and industrial water filters. It can mineralize pure water produced by RO membrane filtration so as to make water tasty with more beneficial mineral substances like Calcium and Magnesium.


Pleated Filter Cartridge

Pleated sediment filter cartridges normally made of kinds of Cellulose, Polyester, Polypropylene and other microporous membranes. The whole structure comes from thermofussion welding production. Sediment filter cartridge like this owns wide filtration area, well dirt holding capacity and good chemical compatibility. If your business in chemical fields, this would be a optimal choice for you when choosing sediment filter cartridges. Besides that, it also works good at filtration of beverage, organic solvents, medicine and high purity water.

String Wound Sediment Filter Cartridge

String Wound Sediment Filter Cartridge

String water filters are another type of Polypropylene water filter cartridge. There is zero wetting agent, solvent or binder during the whole production of string sediment filter cartridges.

Compared with general pp filter cartridge, its filtration micron rating is controlled by different string patterns. What’s more dust collection ability and dirt-holding performance is much better than melt blown filter cartridges. You could usually see this sediment filter cartridge in liquid filtration processing in electroplating, electronics and pharmaceuticals industry.


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