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How Does The Coffee Machine Water Filter Work?
Published by BESTPURE December 08,2021

There are many advantages that an auto coffee machine water filter can make to coffee. Respectively are removal of chlorine, hard water softening as well as coffee taste improvement.

How to Remove Free Chlorine?

Coffee machine water filters normally use coconut shell activated carbon to filter out residual chlorine, color, odor and hazardous substances of THM, etc. The water will become clean and pure after being filtered by coffee machine water filters. Of all those impurities and  contaminants, some are harmful to human body. That’s why most of the personal users choose to install a coffee machine water filters for their coffee machine machine.


Reduce Limescale, Soften Water

The coffee machine water filter that our factory produces is made of food grade non-sodium positive resin. This kind of resin effectively remove water limescale, meantime it can significantly soften the water so as to make coffee tasty. By using our coffee machine water filter, there is no extra bad sodium ions is added at all during the work of coffee machine water filters.


Pros of Filter Structure

No small carbon granules can enter the purified water with the help of micro grid and high density meshing polypropylene cotton. We let every of our customers easily enjoy pleasure of coffee making without any bad points.


Widely Compatibility & Applications

Our factory is able to produce and supply most of coffee machine water filters for Jura, Brita, Delonghi, Boretti, Saeco and many other auto coffee making machine brands. By choosing our company to cooperate with, enjoy our services of customization, private labeling, OEM&ODM and more requirements as well as design demands easily.


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