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What is the Good Points of Ceramic Water Filters?
Published by BESTPURE March 29,2021

Come out of 100% natural mineral soil, ceramic water filters are able to filter out sediments and impurities from municipal or well water. It brings more benefits to human body with water filtration all at once.

Ceramic Water Filter

What is Ceramic Water Filters?

After 1200 Celsius sintering production, ceramic water filters uses tiny pores to remove bacteria and sediment out of water. For most residential or outdoor use, it is an universal as well as affordable water filter to be utilized for home water treatment systems or outdoor activities. Ceramic water filters usually appear in several different types of gravity-fed, under sink and countertop. They can also be found in whole house water system and some industrial water filtration processing.


What to be filtered by using it?

Sediments are bad staffs in most of water resources. Among sediment, there may be suspended solids, iron rust, micro organisms and invisible bacteria. Ceramic water filters exist to eliminate all those impurities in water completely and effectively. The average precision of ceramic water filter is 0.2 micron and that lets it intercepts 99.9% bacteria and germs. Compared with other water filter cartridges, ceramic filters own a much longer life expectancy to clean more water and keep an everlasting filtration period.


Medias for Ceramic Water Filters

To reach different filtration requirements on various impurities, ceramic water filter use water filter medias as listed below:

Far Infrared Ceramic Ball: Release small electricity current during water filtration process without any impact to human body. It adsorbs toxic heavy metal like Lead and Chromium. The far-infrared ray released make water elements divide into smaller molecule groups and then make your body full of healthy oxygen.

Tourmaline Ceramic Ball: 0.06mA bio-electricity released by this ceramic ball to make water molecule groups smaller and activated the water. During this process, it inhibits growth of bacteria and release beneficial mineral substances.

Negative Ion Ceramic Ball: When ceramic water filter works with this filter ball, unpleasant smell and residual chlorine removed excellently. Meantime, negative ion ball kill harmful particles and carcinogen in water.


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