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Coffee Water Filter Cartridge For Home Boretti Barista BAC208 Machine

Product Specification:
  • Item No : CMF007
  • Min Order : 200 pcs
  • For : Boretti Barista BAC208
  • Cert. : NSF/ANSI 42/372
  • Delivery : 20 - 30 Days
  • OEM : Private Label, Custom Logo
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commercial coffee filters

Installation Instruction:

barista filter 

Soak the filter with 1L water for at least 5 minutes

barista filter 

Connect the filter with the silicon tube in the coffee machine

barista filter 

Put the filter into the tank of the coffee machine and make sure it is completely covered with water

commercial coffee filterscommercial coffee filters

Item No: CMF007

For: Boretti Barista BAC208

Cert.: NSF/ANSI Standard 42/372

Chlorine Removal Rate: 99%

Filtration Life: 2 Months/ 50 Gallons (Depends on Water Quality and Level of Contaminants)

Filter Material:  NSF certified activated carbon, Non-sodium positive resin

OEM: Private Label, Custom Logo & Packaging

Distribution: Available

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commercial coffee filters

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