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Why We Need A Pitcher Water Filter for Drinking Water?
Published by BESTPURE March 03,2021

If you want to get clean drinking water without any unusual odor, taste and smell, you’d better buy a pitcher water filter to clean the water flow out from the tap. Pitcher water filter is one of the most popular way to get clean drinking water.

Pitcher Water Filter

Free Chlorine Filtration

Among all the impurities and contaminant could be found in city water, chlorine and chloramine must be the most annoyed thing. It doesn’t exist in water naturally, while they are put into water manually in water supply factory. People use it to disinfects water and inhibit the growth of germ and bacteria. It is harmless but with odorous smells. Pitcher water filter can easily remove chlorine smell and restore the taste of pure water.

Remove Hazardous Chemicals

Voc, THM’s and some other existing chemicals also could be found in running water. They may come from industrial development, bad weathers and other possible reasons. Another important purpose of pitcher water filter is to filter out all those chemicals, heavy metals and even bacteria as well as viruses.


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