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What A RV Water Filter Remove from Wild Water Source?
Published by BESTPURE March 03,2021

With a flexible hose protector,  RV water filters can filter wild water source and make it clean to drink. Which is very convenient during travels and long-distance camping.

RV water filter mainly uses 2 kinds of water filtration medias to remove contaminants and impurities in wild water includes KDF55 and activated carbon.

Based on different using purposes and water contaminants level, purchasers can decide which kind of RV water filter to order.

RV Water Filter

KDF55 of RV Water Filter

Wild water has a lot of microorganisms. RV water filter can use KDF55 to inhibit the growth of them. Moreover, pesticides and heavy metals exist in outdoor wild water source also can be filtered out to make the water safe to drink.


Activated Carbon

It can be divided in charcoal and coconut shell 2 kinds of activated carbons. Activated carbon is the most frequently-used filtration media in water filter cartridges and systems, RV water filters either. It can eliminate a lot of impurities and contaminants that may make people sick like Cysts&Spores, Algae, Organics, Colloid, Heavy Metals, Color, Odor and Particles.

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