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How is the foreground of water purifier for home industry?
Published by BESTPURE July 03,2020

Although water pollution control work has continued to advance in recent years and the quality of water environment has improved steadily, the status quo of water pollution is still not optimistic and cannot be effectively improved in the short term. At the same time, the secondary pollution problem of tap water pipelines is more difficult, and drinking water purification for residential households is troublesome. The dependence of the water purifier for home products will persist for a long time.

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Secondly, the household end water purification has been popularized in the past few years. A considerable number of Chinese households have used terminal water purification products, and they have formed a sticky and deeper product awareness during use. With the new demand for replacement and other domestic water scenarios besides drinking water, the upgrade of consumption of household end-of-water products and the upgrading of demand for other domestic water scenarios besides drinking water will become a new opportunity for industry upgrades.
In terms of the above aspects, the household water purification industry is still a blue ocean in the long run. The key lies in how the company is based on the present, how to tap new growth momentum and get rid of the quagmire of vicious competition.

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For users who have experienced end water purifier for home products, consumers in the actual household drinking water process, in addition to drinking water, the demand for other domestic water scenes is also strong, wherein the kitchen scene becomes the first demand of consumers in addition to drinking water The scene, followed by the bathroom scene. Based on the current situation that the whole house water purification products are affected by multiple limiting factors, the company breaks through the restrictions in product research and development, and specifically addresses the needs of consumers' local water use scenarios, which can be an effective way for enterprises to meet new consumer demand upgrades.

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