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Do you have questions to ask water filter suppliers?
Published by BESTPURE July 03,2020

As the saying goes: People take food as the sky, food as the water, and water as the net. Because water is important, we are increasingly demanding the quality of drinking water. Today, as water purifiers become more and more common, some friends still ask water filter suppliers: Is it necessary to install a water purifier? In fact, the tap water seems to be clean, but the impurities inside are beyond imagination. We can use the following simple methods to identify the water quality in the home.

water filter suppliers

Identify the water in the house:

1. Look

Fill the water with a glass with a high transparency, and see if there are suspended impurities and precipitated impurities in the water against the light. If there are impurities in the water, it means that the water quality is too bad to meet the drinking standard.

Look at the kettle, look at the commonly used kettle in the house, is there a layer of yellow scale on the inner wall? If it is stated that the hardness of the water is too high (and may contain rust).

See if there is any sediment after the water is stopped.

2. Smell

After picking up the water in a glass, smell it. If you can smell the bleaching powder (chlorine), it means that the residual chlorine in the tap water is excessive.

3. Taste

Tasting the boiled water, the taste of the mouth is awkward, indicating that the hardness of the water is too high.

4. The water has a sticky feeling and is greasy

If the water body is found to have a certain viscosity, the specific performance is that the faucet is closed when there is a hanging wire, the chopsticks can be drawn, and the hand feels slippery when washing hands, indicating that the water body may be contaminated by organic matter.

water filter suppliers


What does the water purifier do?

A water purifier is a device that converts “not clean water” into “relatively clean water”, and the classification can be divided by its filtration level. The most commonly used on the market are ultrafiltration water purifiers and reverse osmosis water purifiers, in addition to water softeners.

Water purification function said by water filter suppliers is to effectively filter the water of chemicals rust, sand, gel and adsorption chlorine, odor, color, and pesticides.

It can effectively remove impurities bacteria, pathogens, toxins, heavy metals in water.

Do you want to install a water purifier?

The water purifier can directly purify tap water and remove residual chlorine in the water. It is the first step to improve the quality of drinking water in the home.

In a complete water treatment system, it also includes a variety of equipment such as soft water machine and straight drink machine. The soft water machine can remove calcium and magnesium ions to soften the domestic water. The terminal drinking machine can make the tap water reach the standard of raw drinks.

The filter element of the water purifier is like the "kidney" of the human body. The water quality of the water purifier is not only dependent on the quality of the filter element, but also depends on whether the service life of the filter element is replaced in time. If the filter element is not replaced for a long time, it will cause water blockage, not only the water will become smaller, but also the filtration effect will be It becomes weaker, so that the water passing through the water purifier will not be well purified, and the degree of purification will naturally decrease.

To know that the human body contains 70% of water, when the water we drink is too high, the kidneys bear a very heavy filtering burden. Once some impurities can not be effectively filtered, they will slowly accumulate in our body. Over the years, it is likely to form a disease.

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