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PPF, CTO and UDF Water Filter Cartridges
Published by BESTPURE March 03,2021

Universal water filter cartridges can be divided into several kinds of mainly-used types includes PPF, CTO and UDF water filter cartridges. These 3 water filter cartridges have something in common and something different. Some common and different points listed as below parts.

Water Fliter Cartridge

CTO Water Filter Cartridge

This one is the widely-used cartridge in home, commercial and some industrial fields which is made of activated carbon block. Normally, people use CTO water filter cartridge to remove residual chlorine, taste and bad odors from city running tap water. Among all the activated carbon, coconut shell carbon is the most popular and reliable carbon. CTO water filter cartridge support NSF/ANSI standard 42 to guarantee material safety.


PPF Water Filter Cartridge

PPF water filter cartridges also known as pp spun sediment filter cartridge (Polypropylene) which is used for pre filtration process of water filtration mostly like whole house water filtration, well water processing and reverse osmosis water filtration. PPF water filter cartridges use 100% food grade polypropylene as the raw materials and all the components have passed all NSF/ANSI standards to ensure safe use during daily life.


UDF Water Filter Cartridge

This one is more likely CTO cartridge, in another existence form. Compared with CTO, UDF (GAC) water filter cartridge has something better respectively are faster flow rate, relative short filtration service life and better filtration effects to herbicides and pesticides.


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