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How to Choose A Good Refrigerator Water Filter?
Published by BESTPURE March 03,2021

Refrigerator water filter is a must-have when you drink from refrigerators directly. But do you really know how to choose a good one of it?Here this article guides you step by step about how to get a good refrigerator water filter for your fridge.

refrigerator water filter

What Does A Filter Remove?

There are much impurities, sediment and contaminants in city water. Contaminants may be heavy metals, hazardous chemicals, pesticides and other matters that will threat your health. Impurities and sediments mainly includes sand, chlorine, taste and odor which make the water with bad tastes. By using a refrigerator water filter, easily reduce chlorine, taste and odor so that to bring a good taste to water again. Refrigerator water filters usually use activated carbon block as the filtration media.


What Certificates Used?

Generally speaking, the most frequently used certifications of refrigerator water filters are NSF/ANSI 42, 53, 401 and 473. These 4 standards deal with different sediment and contaminants with different purposes.

Both NSF/ANSI standard 42 and 53 are presented against minimum requirements for a refrigerator water filter designed to reduce contaminants. The difference is NSF 42 for non-health-related contaminants and NSF 53 for health-related contaminants.

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