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How to Choose Emergency Survival Water Filter Rightly?
Published by BESTPURE March 03,2021

Emergency survival water filters help people easily acquire clean water source in wildness surroundings. With a survival water filter, no need to worry about drinking water during picnic, camping and hiking any more.

Here it comes a problem that how to choose a survival water filter rightly and the following several paragraphs list some points you need to remember about that.

Survival Water Filter

What The Filter Remove?

Wild water may contain anything unclean and impure. Why we use survival water filter is to make sure that we can rely on it for clean water. So it requires the survival water filter could remove whatever exist in water harmful to our body includes bacteria, algae, organics, heavy metals and other dirt particles.

Is The Filter Certified?

Another point is the certification of survival water filters. That will lead customers and users whether pay for it or not. NSF certified coconut shell activated carbon is the ideal filtration media for most survival water filters. If a survival water filter uses carbon materials approved by NSF standards, then it will make people rest assured.

Water Capacity of The Filter?

Last but not least, a qualified survival water filter also should have an service life long enough. The survival water filters we manufacturer have a lifespan up to 2000 gallons which can last a long time for outdoor use. With the 2000 gallons of water capacity, you can acquire and get clean water source anytime and anywhere during camping, hiking, picnic and any other outdoor adventure activities.

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