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Coffee Machine Water Filter For Delonghi C002 Home Coffee Machine (CMF006)

Coffee Machine Water Filter For Delonghi C002 Home Coffee Machine (CMF006)

Product Specification:
  • COMPATIBLE : Delonghi C002
  • COLOR : White
  • MATERIAL : Activated Carbon
  • FILTRATION LIFE : 2 Months
  • MOQ : 100 pcs
  • ETC : 3-7 days
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               Delonghi C002


                NSF42, NSF372



                    FILTER LIFE

2Months/50 gallons Depends on water quality and level of contaminants

                   FILTER MEDIA

NSF certified activated carbon, non-   sodium positive resin



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Our Priorities:

•Inlet Netting - Remove big impurities.
•50 Micron Inside Filter- Stop small carbon particles coming out into the purified water.
•High quality non-sodium resin- Strong ability to remove scale and does not bring salts into water.
•High quality natural coconut shell activated carbon- evenly size, 99% chlorine removal rate.


High Standard Quality Control:

Production online pressure test-to every filter.

☆ Bursting pressure test in the lab-Random test every day.

☆ Fatique test 100,000 times recycing-long-term sample test.


delonghi coffee filter                                       

delonghi coffee filter replacement

delonghi coffee filterdelonghi coffee filter replacement

delonghi coffee filter replacement


Prepare the Cartridge
Thoroughly wash hands prior to handling the filter.
Remove the cartridge from the polybag this packaging is recyclable and can be disposed of with most household plastics.
Using a clean bowl filled with fresh cold water, submerge the cartridge and shake it to release any trapped air within the filter.


Fit the Cartridge
Remove the water tank from coffee machine and discard any remaining water
The existing cartridge may be held in place with a spacer which bridges the gap between the top of the filter and the top of the tank.

Lift the cartridge spacer from the top of the filter and put the spacer to one side.   

This will be needed for the new filter.
The old filter can then be lifted straight upwards from the bottom of the tank.
Discard the old filter.
Taking the new filter, fit the spacer over the top(if applicable) then seat the new cartridge back into the tank.

The mount in the tank has a " hexagonal shape" and you must ensure the hexagonal inlet on the filter is aligned with this accordingly and the filter is fully pushed down over it.

Flush and Prepare 
Close or refit the lid, ensuring the top of the spacer( here fitted) meets therecess inthe lid of the water tank, holding the filter in place.
Fill the water tank with clean cold water.
Refit the water tank to the coffee machine.
Rinse the filter, either by running the cartridge change/flush procedure on your coffee machine or for machines without this facility by vending the first full tank of water through as hot water only (without using coffee)

delonghi coffee filter replacementdelonghi coffee filter replacement


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