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NSF certified water filters made by professional filtration equipment manufacturers BESTPURE, can help to build healthy body.

Best Pure USA Inc, an United States based subsidiary and front warehouse, one of the largest, reputable, and most professional water filtration equipment distributor, with a 20-year exp, specializing in home, whole house and outdoor water filtration products and accessories since 2001.

filtration equipment manufacturers

The water filtration products we carrying are either international NSF certified, WQA certified, IAPMO certified, or Both. 

With the best wholesale pricing, premium quality, prompt delivery, and our top-notch-well experienced 

and knowledgeable sales team helps you with whatever questions you or your customers may have regarding the filtration 


NSF certified water filters made by professional filtration equipment manufacturers are of high quality, which can help people to build a healthy body.

filtration equipment manufacturers

Best Pure USA Inc, strategically located in Pico Rivera, California, adjacent to the two famous California megaports: 

Los Angeles and Long Beach Port. 

Less than 10 Minutes away from all the major freeways proudly serving all the retailers and distributors within the 

great United States of America.

Best Pure USA Inc, organizes a warehouse of 100,000 square feet. There are enough stock of most popular NSF certified water filters.

We are developing a new warehouse in Chicago for more convenience and fast delivery.

NSF certified water filters

【Certificated NSF42 by NSF, WQA and IAPMO】: 

NSF42 is certified by three authoritative organizations, NSF and WQA and IAPMO. 

Manufactured in an ISO9001/FDA Registered facility.

High-quality material: 

Made With NSF Certificated Unique Premium Natural Coconut Shell and Activated Carbon with the use of Advanced Concentrated Carbon Technology. 

Give you fresh water and leave minerals which are beneficial to human body.

Ultra-Effective Filtration

Effectively filter up to 97% of chlorine, lead, mercury, cysts, rust, corrosion, sediment, turbidity, etc.

Do our best to deliver fresh and crisp water to you and your family.


Competitive price without compromising quality,

Everlasting service life, better and healthier drinking water.